Juan García Carmona

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+34 670 27 65 39
Mon - Fri, 8:00-22:00

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Av de los Hoyos 16,
Paracuellos de Jarama,
Madrid, SPAIN

Juan García Carmona

Founder, CEO & CTO

Juan is an experienced mountain and rock climber who also loves skiing, skydiving and scuba diving. He is also a Software Engineer who has been working in R&D Departments for many different leading industry companies during last 15 years.

I want to create a global tourism platform, an innovative, open, transparent and safe ecosystem of applications and services that helps people from all over the world to plan, live, share and remember their trips with the main premise of guaranteeing their privacy.
I believe that in an increasingly globalized world, eliminating intermediaries generates justice and wealth in those who really add value and that is why I want to help travel agencies and local tour guides gain visibility, reputation and turnover. Travel agencies and local tour guides are the ones who can offer the best and most personalized experiences and services to travelers from all over the world regardless of their country of origin or their purchasing power.
I'm not a businessman and getting rich is not within my plans, I just want to leave a fairer world by doing what I do best, develop software and generate technology, and that's why I created Logtrip and that's why I've risked everything, to develop it from scratch, with my own hands.